Saturday, August 28, 2010

Starting again

As anyone who might still look at this knows I have not had enough time to keep up of the local food blog. Now that summer is ending and I am starting to go to more local restaurants again I will once again be adding content. I am planning on adding one restaurant a week as well as featuring other events and products involving local food. Hopefully I will be able to add readers and expand your knowledge about local eats.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bitter End Coffehouse

I stopped in to check out this small coffeehouse after I have driven by many times. Everything was just as expected inside. The walls were covered with lots of cool art and the room was full of small tables.In the back there is a small coffee bar where you get your drinks from.The restroom was really nice. I didn't expect to walk in to find more fun art and everything clean. Everything looked clean and gave me a very laid back feel perfect for sipping on your favorite drink.

I decided to get their snickers latte which sounded good on such a cold day. I was really amazed with this drink it had a very rich flavor and great texture that really made the drink great. Each sip really tasted like a bite of a snickers. Jessica, my guest on this trip really liked her chi tea. She said it had a lot more flavor than the one she had at Madcap.

This is a nice little coffeehouse to stop in, study or read for a while and enjoy a great drink. 

Parsley Mediterranean Grille

I want to start this review by saying I do not normally enjoy Mediterranean food. I decided to give Parsley a try anyway. The ordering style is a little confusing to me even after i have ate there. The whole menu is on the wall as well as on take out fliers.The whole restaurant is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to fine many TVs on the wall and everything so clean and new feeling. The restrooms were just as clean as the rest of the restaurant. Overall the restaurant has a very nice clean feel.

 It took me a while to get a feel for the menu. It has many gyros as well as hummus and other items. I decided on the beef kabob which is a grilled beef grilled on a skewer then put into a pita with some onion. It actually was good. I really liked the flavor of the beef and it worked well with the onion. I don't think i would order it again because it is a little hard to eat because it is chunks of meat in a pita.I think I could find something even better and easier to eat. I also it will take many trips back for me to fully understand the meun and get to try everything i would like to.

I was really blown away with how friendly everyone was. It is the kind of restaurant where you get your food at the counter and not table service. Even without them not having to ask us how everything was they stopped by to make sure all the food was good.The cashier was also helpful while we were ordering.

I will definitely be back in to Parsley to try some more food and really get a feel for Mediterranean food.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Madcap Coffe

I am not a huge coffee drinker but every once in a while I like to sit down and enjoy a mocha while I study or talk to someone. Today was one of those days and i have been really wanting to try Madcap. I have talked to quite a few people that had said they have the best coffee in the city and they loved going there.

The atmospheres is quite laid back, the decor is very modern and cool with plenty of seating for relaxing and desks to study. There is a large counter where the drinks are made and all of the seating in the front area by the large windows looking onto the corner of Monroe center and Ottawa Ave. There is a small area where you can see into the basement where a coffee roaster is located and you can watch the beans being roasted. The bathrooms are not as nice as the rest of the building but do the trick.

The drinks are even better that the location for this coffee house. I have the best mocha of all time today. I may not drink a lot of coffee but I have had many mochas and even worked for Starbucks for a while (I know it sucks and I hated it). My partner for this trip got a chai latte but felt it was lacking flavor. She was looking for more of a pumpkin spice flavor than it had. I will most defiantly be back to try more drinks and perhaps write up some more reviews. If you like my reviews follow my blog and leave a comment! If you don't like them leave a comment and I will try to fix them.

Ottawa Tavern

Located in the middle of the downtown business sector the Ottawa Tavern is perfect for a quick lunch or drinks after work. The location is also not very far from Grand Rapids Community college and makes a great alternative to on campus dinning. In the corner of the Waters building with a unassuming brick outside and an inside nicely remodeled with many big screen TVs and a large bar is the OT. It has many high and low tables as well as many bar seats. You can catch whatever game you want on one of their many TVs. Pool tables are also a good form or entertainment while you enjoy a few of their drinks

Being a Gilmore Collection restaurant I always expect it to be very clean and updated and the Ottawa Tavern is no different. The paint scheme and artwork (what is between all of the TVs) gives the restaurant a very nice feel. All of the tables are on good shape with the exception of a few wobbly ones.The bathrooms are not the cleanest but are not horrible, they could use an update.

Ottawa Tavern has an interesting menu, they have you typical bar food as well as some more interesting items. There is a make your own burger menu where you choose what type of burger,sauce and toppings. A selection of specialty sandwiches including a really good buffalo chicken. Most of the food is not amazing but it does the job and lets you enjoy your drink of choice. I have found their beer prices to be reasonable and they have some good happy hour specials.

The Ottawa Tavern Is a good place to grab lunch, have drinks after work, or catch a game. The burgers are good and their beer is cold.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Adobe

The Adobe is a Mexican restaurant I have been going for years. When I was just a kid my parents would take me to their original location which was across Fulton from the location I went to most recently. There is also a location in Grandville which is drive through only.Their Fulton location is relatively new and is kept clean. Employees are consistently clearing tables and checking the bathrooms which I am glad to say were nice and clean. There are cool decorations on the wall that I believe came out of the original restaurant. They have a drive through and seating inside.

The service at the Adobe is nothing special, it is typical fast food service. I wish the people were a little nicer and provided better service. The food has always come out quickly and correctly for me. There system of charging you for everything is a little annoying. A refill costs $.58, that seems a little weird. I can understand not wanting people to sit and drink a ton of free pop but it is so cheap out of the fountain at least give us one free refill, or just make it $.60 that would please me.

The food is what keeps me coming back to the adobe. I love their deluxe wet burritos and been dip. I have been eating them ever since I can remember. The burritos are extremely filling, and have lots of cheese and sauce. Their been dip is great, it used to be served in the restaurant in a big pot that you would go and scoop your own out of. Today you can still get it and it tastes just as good with their corn chips. I also really like their tacos. I don't like anything they have with chicken because it is all shredded. I would much rather have my chicken chopped but that is a personal preference. The chicken they use for their is rather spicy, so if you aren't into hot things you might want to stay away.

The Adobe is a place I frequently go to get my Mexican food fix. Even if the service isn't perfect I enjoy the food enough to keep me coming back. I just remembered I have the rest of my bean dip in the fridge, I can't wait to eat it. If you like my reviews leave me a comment  or suggest a restaurant for me to do next!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bulls Head Tavern

The Bulls Head tavern has a very unique look that makes the food taste even better. The front of the restaurant has huge windows looking out on to Monroe center and the Amway Grand hotel. The sign is a  very cool bull and the first clue to the inside decor.Animal heads and large mirrors hang on the large brick wall as well as behind the bar. The mirrors really make it bright and the animal heads help to give the feel of a old tavern or hunting club. Once you get inside you will realize there is two levels. The lower level features a bar and high top tables as well a a wall of booths. The upper level has a more cozy feel with out the tall ceilings. Booths on all the walls and tables in the middle provide plenty of seating and a slightly more formal atmosphere.On this trip I even remembered to check out the bathrooms. They were very clean and even smelled nice. Their bathroom really shows how dedicated they are to keeping their restaurant clean.

The service at the Bulls Head has always been top notch for me. Their lunch service is consistently faster then some other restaurants in the area. My favorite thing is when they get you a refill it is brought out in a little decanter and poured into your glass. It doesn't make the pop taste any better but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Our waitress was very friendly and did a great job.

The food is everything I wanted and even a little more.We started with the spinach and artichoke dip which comes with tortilla chips and baguette toast points. Both were a great carrier for the dip. I frequently feel the baguette is over done at other restaurants, but these were perfectly toasted on the outside and soft on the inside.I had the smoked Gouda chicken wrap for my main course. You can choose if you wanted crispy or grilled chicken, I went with grilled to try and make it a little healthier. The BBQ ranch sauce and the Gouda cheese really worked together and make it a very good wrap. It comes with their homemade potato chips as a side. They were very fresh and very hard to stop eating.

The Bulls Head Tavern overall is a really great choice if you are looking to eat downtown. Their lunch is fast and I always have enjoyed the food. I try to get something new every time but the buffalo bacon blue cheese burger is my all time favorite. I will have to go back and review their dinner menu and see how good the bartenders are.